Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[Digital Scrapbooking Kit] FREE!!!

I'm having too dang much fun designing digital scrapbook kits! So far I'm up to 5. 
6 if you count the mini from the blog train...And I started doing this like a week ago. 
Can you say #addictstatus?!

I'm trying to get my cute cousin's mission scrapbook caught up. That boy takes a LOT of pictures. I love it!!! Tonight I was scrapping his pics from July 1 (see, I'm a whole month behind!!!!). Couldn't find anything I liked, so I created stuff. 

Used one of the pictures he sent (July 1 pics were almost ALL scenery pics!) to create the color palette...

And instead of finishing that whole week's worth of pics, I spent 2 hours designing as I scrapped and only finished 1 day of pics. Ha. Oh well. :)
[His letters get their own pages and will be in his completed book, but not shared publicly].

This little kit is called MamaGoose_KWJ1 and I just happen to feel all nice and generous because it's my birthday (and school starts - the first year in my adult life that I'm not teaching!!!) in just 15 days. So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU FROM ME! This little guy is a FREE download! I'd love to see what you create with it! You can email me your layouts and I'll come back and add them here on this post!

And I'm rambling because it's wwwwaaaayyyyy past my bedtime! But, hey! I found a great deal on raspberries for Heidi Mom, so we can make jam, so it's totally fine. Right? 

Okay - so here's the preview. It just so happens to be linked to the download. I did mention the download was FREE, right?!

Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

PS: My other kits are on Etsy if you'd like to come on over and take a look!


  1. Большое спасибо за чудесный набор !!!

  2. Большое спасибо за чудесный набор !!!