Sunday, January 4, 2015

[gospel principles] lesson 14 ~ Priesthood Organization

I actually really love teaching Gospel Principles.  Even though we're on round 3 of teaching through the manual, with each lesson, I learn something new.  Today our lesson is Priesthood Organization, lesson 14.

This lesson is one that I have struggled to understand and teach well in the past.  For some reason, my brain gets too wrapped up in the logistics of Priesthood VS Keys of the Priesthood.  I'm grateful that Brother Lott and Brother McBride are in Sunday School nearly every Sunday and can redirect and clarify when I get lost.  :)  This is the 2nd time I've taught this exact lesson.  I *think* I have a little better understanding than the last go round.  I guess we'll see.

Another thing that has been challenging for me is class participation.  I'm fully 100% guilty of being that person in class who never says anything, even when the teacher asks, so I totally understand why sometimes I ask a question and hear crickets...

As a teacher by profession, I understand that participation increases understanding.  It's just a lot less work to get 6 and 7 year olds to participate than to get adults to respond.  Somewhere along the way, we gain all of these insecurities and inhibitions.

One thing that has helped me understand each lesson I teach a little better is to sketch, doodle, or simply write out parts of the lesson that are more difficult to understand or the parts that really stuck out to me.  Interestingly enough, the lessons I've taught 3 times now have 3 very distinct and different sketches.  Sometimes the differences are very noticeable to me and pinpoint something with which I was struggling.  Other times the differences are more subtle, yet as the lesson is given, a comment is made by a class member allowing me a glimpse of a question they had, directly correlating to the difference in the delivery of that lesson.  And sometimes, all of my sketching, planning, drawing gets thrown completely out in the midst of delivering the lesson.

How grateful I am for the counsel and direction of my Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost as I prepare and teach each lesson.  Each lesson I teach is an opportunity for me to study, pray, and catch another glimpse of how much our Father in Heaven loves us.

Wow, that was a fun little tangent...  I ramble.  I know.

What I'm getting at is this little handout I made to go with today's lesson.  We're studying the Organization of the Priesthood.  I've included some quotes from the lesson that were ones I've highlighted in several colors in my manual (I use a different color each time I prepare a lesson - helps me see the differences).  And there are spaces to discuss and discover the duties of each office in the Priesthood, as well as a brief moment of reminder - Priesthood/Keys of the Priesthood.

You're welcome to use this printable for teaching your own Sunday School lesson, Family Home Evening, or personal study.  The image is linked.  Just click on it and it will take you to dropbox where you can download or print.  If the link doesn't work, please leave me a comment to let me know.  It's been a long time since I've done anything like this.

If you have questions about what our family believes, let me know.  I have some friends I can send your way.  :)

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  1. Just tried the Dropbox link and it said it's been disabled. Thanks for your post, at any rate-- this is my 2nd time teaching this lesson and I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with it!